The World According to

We have all seen the World according to Americans map, but I will reproduce it here as it is still funny. And I also found some more “worlds according to,” maps, just to show that it is not only America that has a slightly skewed perspective. Who knew the Finns could be so…… Make your own mind up. :)

The World according to Americans:

Map of America according to Japan:

This one was not actually made as a joke. Just a few small errors…… :)

Map of the World according to Finland:

Map of the World according to Canada:

World according to Sweden:

Map of Europe according to Hungarians. This may be the funniest one so far.


26 thoughts on “The World According to”

  1. Hilarious! But the Sweden one should have been made better. That font and style is so hard to read and loses its funniness.

    And just as the Finns don’t want anyone to visit, we don’t want them either.

  2. i wonder what the FUCK could be so interesting in FUCKland that they don’t want us there…..i have one thing they would give their asses for,,,SUNSHINE ….yeah bitches

  3. This is hilarious. Check the Estonian link too…it’s a youtube clip and as European says, maybe the funniest of all.
    I have a favor…I’m researching a book on international humor. Jokes from countries about other countries. (or about themselves). These maps fit perfectly into the theme. Does anyone have any links or even jokes that can be used? Nothing is off limits. I’m really trying to get a feel of each country’s style of humor.
    I greatly appreciate it. Feel free to email me at I live in Connecticut, USA where we’re currently buried under 2km of snow. (or so it seems)
    Thanks very much.

    1. What is fun, racist shit. Who wants to come to your cold country ShitLand, depressive and alcoholic people.

      You would give your ass for little Sun and beautiful beach.

  4. The Spain part in the world according to the Swedes is funny yet complicated, especially the siesta part of Spain makes me laugh to death

  5. That’s not how the Finns think! Kanadians also have maple syrup! And since when has the boot country been considered “good Europe”?

    (People please understand these are just jokes. If some of these jokes offend you, that means their humour is just not the kind you like. That and also, that you’re a bunch of @$*holes who can’t tell humour if it kicks you on the nuts.)

    Just kidding

  6. This is hilarious who gives a fuck if it’s racist I was classified in a shit Europe contry but it’s funny (and kindove true)

  7. Lol, lol, lol
    People, why are you so dumb? Those people who made those maps were just kidding and you are taking it too serious. If you don’t like it, move your FUCKING ass outta here, ok? Swedish people don’t care about us (at all) and Finns think that we are SHIT EUROPE lol (I’m from Romania)…so what? I don’t find it as an insult, it’s just for fun. It’s just a funny map, not a real one. So, don’t make drama here, and if u don’t like, go and do anything…I think you have more important things to do! ;)

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