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Tag Archives: Link Love

This Blog is Banned in China

Wandering, as I do through whatever it is they call the internet, I came across this one – A blog called Swap Blog – I am still actually lauging at their byline/header – This Blog is Banned in China I am sure there are loads of blogs banned in China and I cannot for the […]

dofollow blog – this is now a dofollow blog

This blog is now (from today) a dofollow blog, which means all comments left are no longer tagged nofollow which is the default wordpress setup. nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. It is intended […]

Crappy Blogs with too many ads

Trolling, as I do around the internet for good blogs, I “occasionally” come across a bad one. I know, I know, we are all supposed to tell everyone about all the great blogs we find and spread the link love so we get some back. That’s what bloggers do Not in this case. If I […]

Payback’s a Bitch – or not as the case may be :)

“Payback’s a bitch,” is one of my favorite crappy movie quotes. You know the one. Independence day, where some bunch of second string American movie stars remind the world that without the good ‘ol U.S. of A, we would all be enslaved by the pre-capitalist Russians, or the Koreans ( the bad Koreans, not the […]

SEO and Internet Marketing Advice

When I started asĀ  blogger, I read everything I could lay my hands on about how to make a blog work. All the advice, all the tips, all the guru’s opinions – and guess what? Most of it is shite. That’s right – SHITE. Why would I say that – because it’s true. But, once […]

Link Love and a Positive Post

After reading one of my regular haunts, Freelance Writing Jobs, the writer of this blog, Deborah Ng, suggested all of her readers, who are legion, write a positive post. Thank you Deb, ( I do not know Deb personally, although I have been known to give her a little grief from time to time ) […]