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Menton Citrus Festival French Riviera France

Every year, Menton, a town on the French Riviera, celebrates life, the universe and the existence of fruit. Particularly, citrus fruit, specifically – lemons, with a few thousand oranges and limes thrown in for good measure. Who knew there could be so many lemons left lying around after the harvest that you could build dozens of […]

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Massage Therapy as an Occupation – How to Get Started and What To Expect

Massage therapy has become a recognized way of earning a living. “Happy ending” type massage therapists aside, there are a growing number of qualified, certified massage therapists and the range of modalities to learn is enormous. Deciding on a career as a massage therapist means first of all taking a good look inside yourself and […]

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Guaranteed weight loss solution

I will share with you the secret of losing weight. No selling, no scams, nothing for sale. My secret comes from long years of arduous research and is the conclusive finding of hundreds and thousands of medical professionals the World over. Guaranteed weight loss without the need for any pills, potions, drugs or silly fad […]

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The Best Authentic Macaroni and Cheese Recipe – Gourmet Mac n Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Macaroni and cheese comes from the Italian Maccheroni Cacio e Burro, which means “Macaroni and Cheese and Butter,” which will make sense once you see the ingredients I use for my version of this classic dish. Cooking is NOT hard. You can do it, all you need is a little time, […]

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Investing in Property in Dubai – What Do the Defaults Mean?

The Dubai property market is in a mess right now, but the implications for the small investor are unclear. Although Dubai is world famous for owning some massive real estate developments in Dubai such as the Dubai Palm Island projects, it has also built up a $100 billion portfolio of assets in international property around […]

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Ultimate American Chocolate and Coffee Brownie recipe

If you are not content with a double shot of espresso to kick start the day, here’s a great recipe to perk up those slow-to-start people among us (myself included). Although, as the saying for beer goes, “Brownies are not just for breakfast.” This is a really easy recipe and takes about 20 minutes to […]

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Whilst not fitting the term “Luxury real estate,” in the traditional sense of the word, i.e. on land, the current crop of giga-yachts or mega-yachts certainly fall under my definition of the word. Massive, spectacularly-outfitted floating mansions in fact. Conspicuous over consumption? Absolutely. Insanely expensive? Oh yes. Most of the final prices are carefully kept […]

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Forex Trading Guide – FX Trading for Dummies

Forex Trading Overview Forex trading, or the foreign exchange trading market (also commonly known as FX trading or simply, currency exchange, involves trading one currency for another. Forex is by far and away the largest financial market in the world. Trades are made between large banks, central banks, currency speculators, multinational corporations, governments, and even the […]

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