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Naked Women Playing Football Will Get You Banned From Digg !

To the rest of the world, google’s refusal to place advertisements on pages showing women’s nipples while at the same time plastering advertisements for “Sexy Singles,” all over the internet is at best amusing, at worst, well, I don’t even want to go there. Having had one of my blogs banned from digg because there was a female nipple showing in one of the photographs and having had the adsense advertisements removed from a few of my pages because there was a photograph of naked people on it I decided not to bother with either of those on this, my personal blog.

The photograph that got my entire blog banned was this one, of a female football fan at a World Cup Soccer match. You can see half a nipple as she gets all excited about something. I assume someone complained that they had been offended and within a matter of hours, the entire domain was banned. Amusing considering the photograph was taken at a public football match with thousand of spectators. Oh well, whateva! as my friend Sandra Rinck would say.

Click on the link above if you want to see the rest of the photos.

The photo that got all my google ads removed from one of my hubpages entitled, “The best naturist beaches in the South of France,” Was this one, a classic Jock Sturges photograph:

Too pornographic for Mr. Google apparently. :D

So, as I have removed all the google ads from this site and taken a massive drop in income I can now feel free to post as many nipples as I please and this is a selection from a football match where the female players wore body paint instead of clothes. There are an awful lot of scuzzy-looking men lurking around the goal posts though. Enjoy!

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  1. terence yap July 17, 2008 at 5:51 pm #

    When I clicked on that link “The Best Blogger in the World”, I guessed as much it would be you, my friend. After all, in my books, that’s what you really are.

    Terence Yap

    terence yaps last blog post..Coincidence or Fate

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