How to make money blogging

A step by step guide to making money blogging

If I have been asked the question,” how on earth do you make money blogging ?” once, I have been asked it a thousand times. There is an awful lot of misinformation out there about blogging and the problem is that the failures outweigh the successes by about a million to one, so for every successful blogger out there, there are 999,999 people telling you that you cannot make money blogging. What they really mean is they cannot make money blogging.

The other problem is that a good proportion of the people who make money blogging do it by selling crappy advice to the other 999,999 failures. I am not going to do that. I am not selling a damn thing, although if you take my advice and sign up for the tools I use, I will make a couple of dollars in commissions. All I need is 999,999 people to take my advice and I will be set for life, in which case – anyone want to buy a few blogs?

Just kidding, I would never part with them ;). But let’s go back to the question most people really want to ask - “Can I make money blogging ? and if so – how?”

The answer is yes. I am a professional blogger and have been for several years. I do it with a combination of freelance writing, several niche blogs, article writing and, for the last 18 months, writing a business blog for a luxury property portal. This last one – if you are considering blogging for business – requires you to have already developed a reputation in a particular industry, and being able to demonstrate the necessary skills to make it work. Which includes generating traffic, building relationships and incoming links and actually being a successful blogger.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and for the purposes of this article I am going to show you the steps needed to create your own money making blogs. I say blogs rather than blog because the chances are that you – like me – are going to fail in some instances and be successful in others. This will probably mean more than one domain and/or niche. The trick is to then capitalize on the successful ones. For ease of use, all the links in this article will open in a new window. This is how to go about it:

Step One – Choose a niche and domain name

Kittens at playYes – this is the first step. Not, “Oh, I have a blogger blog called michelle and johns cats favorite, how do I go about making money from it?” Forget that – you need to identify a niche or subject that could potentially be a profitable one, choose a domain name based on the research you have done, buy it , host it and set up the blog. This is where it gets boring, because you will have to research this. Sorry – now the work begins. You didn’t think it was going to be that easy making money from a blog did you? Don’t worry if buying a domain and hosting it means nothing to you – we will get to that. Of course, having said all that, some one is bound to stop by and tell me that selling toys for cats was the best thing they ever got into and they are now living a life of luxury in the Bahamas off the proceeds.

Researching a potential money making niche or subject.

This is where the work begins. I can promise you from personal experience, that if you are setting up a blog with the sole intention of making money, you need to find a profitable niche.  As an example, let us say you have done some research, and settled on hair care products as a potentially profitable niche and decided to make money from your blog by selling hair care products. A possible search term that some one might use to search for a hair care product would be “hair care shampoo,” so an appropriate domain name would be Whereas you are unlikely to sell many hair care products through, The other things to take into consideration are the amount of people searching for a particular term, the amount of money advertisers are paying to advertise using that particular phrase, and how competitive that term is.

This is where the research comes in. Now, this subject is huge, and I do not plan to go into great detail, because there are other people specializing in this area, some of which are excellent. As far as I am concerned, this is by far the most technically demanding part of  making money with a blog, and I personally hate doing it – but, it is a necessary step in the process. This is my first recommendation

To learn how to do effective keyword research, go download this piece of free software -  Market Samurai

Sign up and follow their video lessons. After 12 days, you need to pay a fee of $97 to continue to use it – trust me – it is well worth the investment and will save you countless hours of time.

Step two – Buying a domain name (your website) and hosting it

Let’s stick with We have decided that this would be a good name to sell haircare products. Whether we are going to actually sell our own product, use google advertising, sell affiliate products or sell banner ads really makes no difference here. Go to Bluehost or Host Gator or Yahoo! Web Hosting – (Save 25% on your first 3-months of hosting service)and use their search facility to see if that name is available by clicking on the button that says “start domain search” and filling in the word “haircareshampoo,” and seeing if it is available. If it is (which this one is not) you then need to open an account, and buy both the domain and hosting from them. I prefer their unlimited hosting packages, but of you are on a tight budget, get whichever is affordable for you.

Step Three – Setting up your blog and installing it

sem-theme-pro-ad-2This is one of the reasons why I like both Bluehost and Host Gator. To do this step – phone their customer service department, tell them you want to install a WordPress blog and ask them to talk you through the process, which they will do. In ten minutes flat, you will have your own WordPress blog set up and ready to storm the blogosphere with. What I will say is – if you have chosen a different hosting company, make sure they have one click installations for WordPress.

There are dozens of other platforms out there, but I heartily recommend WordPress and would not use anything else. Next part is to optimize your WordPress installation, and the easiest, most time effective way of doing so is to go to Semiologic, buy their software and ask them to install it for you. One issue facing a first time blogger is the massive amount of options available to you. Semiologic will take care of most of these – all within one piece of software.

I have wasted countless hours of my time trying to find the perfect look and/or position for one stupid little piece of text or ad placement. With this software – the instructions are simple, easy to follow and they have a pretty good customer service response. I say “pretty good” because this is a three-man band, not a great big corporation. Also – this comes with  a fantastic piece of software that allows you to “clone ” a setup. So, once you have one blog that is working well for you – you can buy another domain and clone that one in a few minutes with all the ads in place. This is hands down the best blogging software on the planet.

This is also a brilliant piece of software for setting up a static website rather than a blog. It gets found by the search engines, is very flexible and inexpensive. Once you have it, you can use it on as many websites as you wish and update it with one click as the software evolves. This blog and all my other blogs are semiologic wordpress blogs, and have more than enough custom options to satisfy just about anyone – and you can take it from me that you are far better off spending your time researching, writing and promoting your work than you are pissing around trying to make the “perfect” look.

Buy semiologic wordpress setup here

So, now you have a domain name, software installed and ready to go, and are looking at the metaphorical blank piece of paper that is in your blog – the post editing page.

Step Four- writing something

writingBack to keyword research again. Now – this next part will, to an extent, depend on your writing abilities. Me? I can turn out witty, informative content at the drop of a hat, and base it around my chosen keywords. But – I know plenty of people who cannot and still manage to make money from it. So – you need to go back to Market Samurai, do some research on search terms surrounding your chosen domain name and start writing. Depending on your writing skills – you may need to farm this out, buy content and edit to suit your requirements.

Either way, you will need some content for your blog and well researched, witty, informative content that does not quite answer the question your search engine traffic asked is the best type of content for contextual advertising click throughs and well researched witty informative product reviews that do fully answer the question and recommend a product you have advertised is the best type of content for affiliate sales.  So – yes, you will need to do some more work here. Assuming you have followed the first three steps, you now have a well-researched domain name, search engine optimized software and good quality content. The keywords you have determined you are going to use will need to go in the content of the article, the tags on the post, and be used as anchor text to create incoming links. If you do not know what a tag or anchor text is – don’t worry – you will do by the time you have set up a blog and started. Now the next, and perhaps the most crucial step:

Step Five – promoting your site

This is another one that requires work or money. Or both. Much as I would love to say that if you write informatively, it will automatically get found and picked up by the search engines – this is not always true. Sadly, some of the best content I have ever written has never been read because I failed to research the subject properly or discovered later that the subject was so competitive I could never rank well for it.

Think of the search engines as an “online popularity contest,” and you will be thinking correctly. And the way many of them measure it is incoming links from other web sites. So – you need to get out there and find some incoming links. If your content is good, some of these will grow “organically,” but by far your best approach is to make some of that happen. I use a couple of pieces of software for some basic link building, but I also manually generate links as well.. So – you need to go pay these people for incoming links. Which sux – and I hate it – but, I am a realist also. No incoming links means no winning the popularity contest which means no money….. Link building is vital. I will say that again and in bold – no incoming links from other websites equals no traffic equals no money.

Ways to generate some incoming links:

Edit – I have removed a list of blog networks that have recently been deindexed or devalued. Sadly – the owners did not maintain any quality standards and they left a big footprint. Please contact me for an introduction to a guest blogging network if your ethos is “quality and value” in your link building.

[widget id="contact_form-2"]contact_form-2[/widget]

You must also generate some incoming links from other sources.

Generating links from other sources

Making them yourself

There are several blogging and article sites that allow you to set up a free blog or account a post articles with links in to your own sites. These include,, hubpages, ezine articles and numerous others. This is a basic starting list, and if you use just these you will be getting a good start:

  • Hubpages. Hubpages is an article posting site/social networking venue. It is not a blogging platform. This site has high visiblity with the search engines and I use it extensively.You can also make money here on the articles you post, as they offer a revenue sharing advertising model.
  • You can set up as many free blogs as you wish here. I have dozens and use them to write brief articles with links to my paying sites. The software looks very like the software you will be running your blogs on and is therefore extremely easy to use.
  • Blogger. Once again – as many free blogs as you like and I have several which I use solely to generate incoming links.
  • Ezine articles. This is an article directory that ranks well with the search engines also and allows you to link back to your own site. Free to join and use.

There are many other places to do this, but this is an excellent beginning. If you use all of these, combined with the automatic links, you will be well under way to making money blogging.

Other ways of generating links:

  1. Write really fantastic content that people enjoy reading. They will like it so much, they will link to it. This is actually my preferred way of generating incoming links. But – you need a basis in the first place for people to find you.
  2. Ask people for a link. You can email other people, tell them you have a great site and ask for links. This is less practical if you do not have great content, or are completely new with no ranking at all. But – it never hurts to ask. If you go this route – ask related sites to link to you. At places like hubpages and the keyword academy, which both have forums, you are going to bump into people who also need links and arrange exchanges.
  3. Comment on other people’s blogs. Do not make stupid spammy comments like “thx for the article.” If you go this route, make respectful comments that contribute something to the discussion.
  4. Buy links. I have never done this myself because when I started blogging there was so much stuff in the internet about sites being blocked or punished by google for doing so, that I was unsure whether it works or not. Try this at your own peril. I did try a link exchange program which generated link on one of my outgoing pages in exchange for a bunch of incoming links from other sites. It did not work.

Step Six – Making money from your blog

bloggingWith this model of blogging (and there are plenty of others) you are going to need to have advertising – which can be of a variety of types. Contextual google ads (or some other provider), which pay based on visitors to your blog clicking on advertising,  products for sale which pay a commission based on a percentage of the sale value, or banner ads that pay on the amount of impressions shown. Google adsense is probably the most widely used, and you may well end up using a comination of these.

This is a basic list, but you must open an account (if you do not already have one) with at least one of these type of advertising providers unless you are planning to sell banner advertising directly to a potential advertiser. You may,of course, choose to use a combination of these.

  • Google adsense. Contextual ads based on the content of your pages using a pay per click/impression model.
  • Clickbank. Affiliate sales model paying a commission based on the value of the sale. Wide range of products and a good reputation.
  • DoubleClick. This is google’s affiliate program.
  • Commission junction. Affiliate commissions.
  • Amazon. Affiliate commissions.
  • Pay Dot Com – Probably the best on this list of affiliate products. An awful lot of products many of which are rip offs, but some good ones in there.

Google adsense is by far the most popular advertising model, but depending on your audience, you may want to combine it with one of more of these others. Other possible options include, but are not limited to:

  1. selling a product. If you are selling a product, then I have to assume that you already know the product you are going to sell. Whether you are making the product yourself or a reseller, you must then determine what search terms are being used by people interested in that product and buy a domain name that is appropriate.
  2. selling advertising space using banner ads. Same story here.

So to recap, these are the steps needed:

  1. Research domain name using Market Samurai.
  2. Arrange hosting and buy domain – Bluehost is here – Best Web Hosting Plan! 300 GB Space, 3,000 GB Bandwidth – only $6.95/mo! and Host Gator is here – Link Directly to Shared Web Hosting Page
  3. Install basic WordPress and then buy Semiologic WordPress blogging software and have it installed for you
  4. Research and write content
  5. Generate incoming links
  6. Monetize your blog
  7. Spend the money you are now making on whatever you want to spend your money on. More domains if you are anything like the rest of us.

Next question – What will this cost me to setup?

  • Keyword research software – $97
  • Domain name and hosting -  $8 per month to host as many domains as you wish and your first one is usually free
  • WordPress – Free
  • Semiologic software to optimize wordpress – $295 (the best $295 I ever spent)
  • Joining affiliates – Free

Total cost for one year (one domain only) – $1,052

This will not need to be paid out all in one go – with the exception of Market Samurai and semiologic,  these are available as a monthly payment, but these are the basic running costs of setting up money making blogs and of course, if you set up more than one (as you are likely to do) the running costs are split between several blogs.

Next logical question – How much money will I make?

How long is a piece of string? To a certain extent, this depends on how much work you are willing to put in, how well you learn the keyword lessons and that indefinable element – luck. What I have given here is the basics of  how to make money blogging. There are other ways of monetizing a blog, and there are other approaches that can be just as profitable. But this is a tried and tested method, and I can promise that if you follow these instructions, you will make a profit.

Do not, unless Lady Luck steps in and gives you a hand, expect to become rich overnight. And do not make the mistake of thinking that there is no work involved. Certainly the tools I have recommended will get you started faster and more profitably than just by setting up a blog and going for it with your eyes closed. It took me three years to learn what I could have learned using Market Samurai three months. And I spent more hours than I care to remember trying to get WordPress to do the things that Semiologic can make it do.

My most successful blog makes around $1,500 per month, and my least successful around $40 a month – discounting the disasters that I don’t want to talk about.  :)

Good luck ! :D

Last Edit date – April 2012

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  1. This is awesome. I have bookmarked it and this week I’m going to spend some more time on it. I read it through today, but I’ll be back to go over it make some notes. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this, and non-coincidentally, I’m thinking this HAS to be something that will get you lots of readers and clicks and so on, although I have the sense most people won’t have the drive, the smarts, or the persistence to succeed at blogging. Just from my own limited experience I know it’s A LOT of work. I am going to look at what you lay here more carefully and give it some serious consideration. Thanks Mark.
    .-= Pam Grundy´s last blog ..The Fallacy of Equal Time =-.

    1. My pleasure Pam – It is doable, but I think it is mopre work than most people suspect. If you decide to go this route – drop me a line if you have any questions.

    2. I agree…I too have bookmarked this. A lot of useful information on here that I cannot read right now. I have been trying to get into the “blogging for money” market for awhile now, and these are all things that are relevant to getting your blog where you need it monetarily. A lot of people don’t realize that you just can’t get a blog, start blogging, and then make all kinds of money. They forget that its just like any other job and you have to work it!

  2. And this really works ? I can’t believe that it’s more then soma additional bucks. I have two blogs with about 100 readers a day. Will this make sense ? How much will I get for this ? One dollar (or Euro in my case) per reader ? The concept is a little bit strange for me.

    1. Yes – it does work. 2 blogs with 100 visitors a day can make you money – if the traffic is focused and you are selling something. Let’s say for example they are coming in on a search term such as “mesothelioma” and 5% of them click on an advertisement that pays $12 per click. That is 5 x $12 = $60 per day.

      That is $1,800 a month.

      Not that you could ever rank for that term, but you get the idea?

  3. Backlinks? Keyword research? WTF Mark – what happened to content is king? I googled over here for some light hearted joke about the religious nuts or some inappropriate girly photos and all Ifind is sensible advice on how to make money online Jeeeze! You missed eBay of your affiliate program list – though they do appear to be going from bad to worse I still make some money from them!
    .-= Lissie´s last blog ..Teaching Sells: Does it Work? =-.

    1. Sorry Lissie.

      I am sick to death of being pissed around by ebay. Ebay needs a long term approach, and when they change the rules it can make a lot of past time spent become wasted. I would not recommend anything I despise myself. And content IS king. But it needs a little help now and then. Take it from me – my absolutely best performing pages had almost no promotion and no keyword research. But not every one can write the way I do. ;) And you cannot teach that.

      There are some pretty funny photos on my last post though :lol:

  4. I followed this link from one of your hubs and I sure am glad I did. I bookmarked it and printed it so that I can read and re-read it. I’m honestly thinking about going on this route but right now, this is not financially viable for me. I mean the cost of the domain for just one year is like 70,000 bucks here (high exchange rate =(). But I’m coming up with a certain timeline for me to study this so I’m collecting all the resources I can get and this blog of yours is definitely one of those key resources. Thanks Mark.

  5. Hey Mark! :) You did a really great job on this article, just like you do on all your hubpage articles, also. This is good, honest information. I have never tried the wordpress optimizer you are talking about, nor the 1waylinks either. But if you say they are worth it, I believe it. One thing I know you are right about is that it takes lots of hard work and time to get started making any money at all. If you are lucky it might start to trickle in after 4-6 months. The trick is to keep at it, don’t give up, keep writing those articles, keep researching for those niches that pay, keep setting up more blogs, more sites, keep working on the backlinks. If you want to make money, you have to consider this as a JOB! If you keep at it, eventually you will succeed.

    I admire you, Mark, for your honesty and your tenacity, and all the advice you give here is good advice. If anybody wants to learn how to build web sites and blogs for free, I am the queen of building free web sites – check me out here: Web Sites Free For Beginners at: Check it out, I am giving away a FREE SEO Guide this week – so you can learn how to optimize your site for the search engines!
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    1. You should check out semiologic. It does everything you need to optimize wordpress for SEO and advertising. Very clever. Lousy tech support sometimes though. ;)

  6. Hey Mark! :) You did a really great job on this article, just like you do on all your hubpage articles, also. This is good, honest information. I have never tried the wordpress optimizer you are talking about, nor the 1waylinks either. But if you say they are worth it, I believe it. One thing I know you are right about is that it takes lots of hard work and time to get started making any money at all. If you are lucky it might start to trickle in after 4-6 months. The trick is to keep at it, don't give up, keep writing those articles, keep researching for those niches that pay, keep setting up more blogs, more sites, keep working on the backlinks. If you want to make money, you have to consider this as a JOB! If you keep at it, eventually you will succeed.

    I admire you, Mark, for your honesty and your tenacity, and all the advice you give here is good advice. If anybody wants to learn how to build web sites and blogs for free, I am the queen of building free web sites – check me out here: Web Sites Free For Beginners at: Check it out, I am giving away a FREE SEO Guide this week – so you can learn how to optimize your site for the search engines!
    .-= MagicStarER´s last blog ..<a href="">Free SEO Tutorial For Beginners From TrendMetrix Software</a> =-….

  7. When I was first exploring this topic “Making Money” I went STRAIGHT for the technical stuff and submerged myself in GOOGLE. (since I AM the “techno-geek” type) Then, I mellowed out, -Got Worn Out- is more like it. After discovering MOUNTAINS of technicalities, which I DID understand, but… it’s just too much and too dry. And, HOW do you apply it all? Then I discovered various other “ways” to approach this beast. (Imagine an Australian accented voice-over by Steve Irwin here- ” OH! ‘Eee’s a BIG ONE! What a BEAUT’! I’ll just SNEAK UP on ‘im and JUMP on ‘iz back!) HubPages is one way of breaking into the web-world of marketing. Your Article helped define it all for me. After absorbing heaps and heaps of technical jargon. It comes down to WORK – then it comes down to – well – WHAT KIND of ‘work’ – just to get the ball “rolling”. And like the times that you yourself alluded to, I do know that there ARE rules to some of this. Some “do’s” and “dont’s” or your writing/webmastering is for naught. Google will just ZERO your efforts out. At least when it comes to “making money” (–ethereal sounds of angels in the background–) Again, beginning with basics is good. In fact, I like the eZine Articles you mentioned, I just signed up for it. What I like about them is they are very VERY basic. Just a good article. Just good writing practices. Excellent. good good stuff. Much as you present it here. I’m glad I bookmarked you. At first I skimmed it, previewed some of the links you gave. (verified it as wholesome) Read it, then re-read, and and refollowed with greater curiosity those links you DO give. Like a quick-study course. And, I DO indeed think I may actually get “going” now. Writing my first little blog I think. It’ll definitely be my own stuff, on how to make Colloidal Silver, a naturopathic remedy / supplement type thing. I already have photos made for it. It’ll either be THAT (just due to it’s relative uniqueness) or I’ll write a general article about what readers can expect from me in the future. Then, do the “Silver” article. Thanx for Writing so much… so well. Sincerely.
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      But good luck starting the final conflict – I hope it all works out the way you are preying for. ;)

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    1. Thanks Mike.

      It is certainly far easier to write about something you have a passion for – or at least a strong interest in. I know lol – I have several blogs that after a few weeks, I could barely bring myself to write them. :lol:

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    1. HI Rob. Yes – I have used squidoo – I prefer the sites I mentioned here though.

      You are SELLING an ebook on how to use a free site? LOL Good for you. People are dummer than I thought. :lol:

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    Keep up the great posts and I look forward to your next newsletter.

      1. @Mark: Thanks Mark, I’ll take another look at it, I’ve just started using SEO-Pressor about a week or so ago.

        I’ll give it another 2 or 3 weeks and let you and your readers know how it works out, it’s gotten a great deal of reviews, so I thought you maybe using it to. I looked at Semiologic it, but thought it was too pricey without anyone I know telling me how they liked it.

        Thanks again

        1. I would not consider trying to build a wordpress site using anything else. I am technically-challenged LOL and this takes care of an awful lot of basic needs all in one package. What I found when I had 10 sites was that they all had different plugins, they all needed updating separately and some of them ended up clashing with other plugins. Spend the $300 – you will never use anything else ever again.

  26. will i get anywhere blogging i have been blogging for two weeks now and got two visitors. If i post new articles often will i get more visits or if the articles are long with good titles any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks.

  27. Creating a good blog requires a lot of expertise and time, and unless you can spend the time learning coding and programming from scratch you will never make a very good, popular blog with a high click-thru rate.


    Look at all those popular blogs and vlogs out there. Sure, they have tons of visitors and probably make thosands of dollars. Just look at the list.

    But, bot one of them are made by individual persons. The owners of these blogs are all companies or individuals who have HIRED professionals to do the nitty-gritty work of making their blogs look nice and attractive. For geeks like me, that would mean time spent on your CSS and JS scripts for that nice touch to your blog.

    It is virtually impossible to single-handedly to create a superb blog from the ground up, but by then you wouldn’t have made much anyway. A simple blog may be cheap or free, but when, or if you get popular you will need to spend money on better serves, a domain, etc.

    And no. Blogger is not the way to go. Neither is WordPress. And the list fo top 100 blogs in the world is living proof. They are 100% professional, fully customized code that were written from scratch. So if you have any thought of striking it rich and retiring early, think again. For you will have to know almost everything on this website and much more to make it to the top 100:

    Or like I said hire someone to do it for you. Which defeats the purpose of a blog’s low start-up costs anyway.

    2-cents from a 14 year old.

  28. WTF Dude!! becoming harder to blog…my bum cheeks!!! Look at you go…
    I started on the 10th of this month and already find it hard…I shouldn’t quit my day job then, LOL. Thanks to your post, I will no longer do the blogging thing 4 cash. Yet, your post is dated 12 Aug ’09, one year later people are still making comments and looking for ways to make money.
    You ROCK man!!
    Should you ever decide to do something else for money online, what would it be…?

  29. I would have never thought a few years ago that it was possible to make any money sharing my thoughts but guess I was wrong and I have jumped on full force and am loving it.

  30. The introduction of stuff like wordpress has made it so easy for people to make money from blogging. So many barriers have been overcome by stuff like wordpress and the like. Good times

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  33. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something thats eye opening and important. You clearly know so much about the subject, youve covered so many bases.

  34. I hate to be a stick in the mud, but with millions of Americans looking for work or just unemployed and doesn’t have the money for all the costs that it takes to blog successfully, how would one with a very limited income pull this off? I know that you have to spend money to make money, but if there is little money to spend, how could a shoestring budget pull this off?. With all that said great article and hope to hear a response.

  35. WTF Dude!! becoming harder to blog…my bum cheeks!!! Look at you go…
    I started on the 10th of this month and already find it hard…I shouldn’t quit my day job then, LOL. Thanks to your post, I will no longer do the blogging thing 4 cash. Yet, your post is dated 12 Aug ’09, one year later people are still making comments and looking for ways to make money.
    You ROCK man!!

  36. This is a really in depth and useful article. I still do most of my link building manually for a lot of my sites, and usually leverage guest posting as a means to get links to my posts.

    Also just joined hubpages which is where I found you, and this post.

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  38. I found the article very useful, I just came from a country that the Internet is almost prohibited, so for me all this free information that you give is “muy buena”, I wonder if I can translate it and write a blog in my language, what do you think Mark?….and use all this technics that you mentioned.

  39. Feel free to add my article directory to your list, and join up if you want!

    You have to show you can write high quality articles to become a writer, and it’s growing fast!

  40. Excellent write-up! I’d never thought about using or blogger in the way you describe but that’s an outstanding idea.

    I have 16 websites/blogs – they allow me to work from home exclusively, always within reach of my cats and coffee pot! I use Amazon, Commission Junction, Linkshare and, of course King Google. Oddly enough, one of my best, most reliable performers is All Posters. It depends on your niche, of course, but this is one of my most consistently high performing affiliates.

    I even use poster/art print links on some of my blogs that aren’t remotely related to the subject. Instead of popping an image into the post, if it’s appropriate, I’ll use an image of a motivational, funny, or inspirational poster.

    People buy these up more than I ever thought possible.

    Experience would also lead me to say this: Get a great theme! You want a theme with great typography and killer navigation. I use Thesis on many of my blogs because it’s a rock star when it comes to both of these all-important needs.

    Again, excellent write-up!

  41. When I read your articles I realize how much I still need to learn. I don’t understand feedburner or Google ranking or AdSense for domains bla bla bla and most topics on this renders me unconscious. There’s so much information. Sorting it out is tough.

  42. Thank you for all you have shared here, most of it I was aware of already. I have been a bit reluctant and fearful of total failure to even give it a go. Yet, the way that you lay it out here makes it seem less hard or impossible to do. I may just give it a go now. Thanks for the courage and inspiration this page has given. A.B.

  43. The problem I find with most people is that they want an instant return; it simply doesn’t happen. I’ve seen post by users of various websites saying they have been active for three months and not earned a cent – well you know what, I’m not surprised. Earning on the web by writing is not easy. It takes a lot of effort and time, and requires not only the ability to write well, but also an insight into how to market your work.

    You may be the next Tolkien, but if you can’t market your work then you’ll never get discovered! A prime example is J K Rowling – her manuscript for Harry Potter was gathering dust in a publisher – it was purely by luck that someone picked it up and the rest is history – she was lucky, but the same applies to most who write on the web – if you don’t get your name out there, don’t build up a reputation and don’t work hard then you will not get any money!

    I’ve been writing on the web for about 10 years. I made about $30 in the first nine years and then took it seriously – I’ve made a nice residual income over the last 12 months but I’m still learning, and I’m finding that it isn’t easy! Once you realize this, then you can begin to build!!!

    Great article btw!

  44. I tend to agree with Simon. Although there is an absolute ton of information about how to make it happen online there needs to be an acceptance of the fact that it might fail and to be willing to work on something that doesn’t pay out even for years. With that in mind, most people probably wont’ be willing to put in the effort necessary to make it a success online, but I suppose that gives more opportunity to those who are willing.

  45. Mark- You recommend bluehost and hostgator for purchasing domain names… I’m wondering if there is a benefit to using those sites and running wordpress, as opposed to simply buying a domain on Do you have any advice to shed on that topic?

  46. Hello Mark,

    Some very great tips and hints here about blogging. As a full time blogger I have been blogging for three years. In that time I have learnt how to blog and learnt a lot of SEO techniques that shows how to be successful with blogging. Its a matter of the right keywords, then knowing how to promote the blog. I wasted a lot of time and money with blogging when I did not know what I was doing. Once I followed a successful online Internet Marketer all that changed. So yes you can make money blogging.


  47. Mark – Thank you for taking the time to write this. I have been blogging as a personal outlet for years but just recently started a new one about how I suck at being a stay at home mother. I have gotten 1000 views in 3 weeks and already have hate mail (haha) without doing any real marketing, so I am excited to try these things you have recommended and hopefully turn this into a much-needed paycheck down the road. However, I’m worried about crowding up my page with ads and turning people off. Do you ever have that problem?

  48. Mark,

    ALL the info you give is great. I noticed Peggy’s comment at the top and she states the main dilemma that we all face, as blooming IM’ers.

    IO (Information Overload!) That can even happen when you know a lot already. Then it’s a question of “where do I spend my time” best? I never thought of myself as being ADHD, till I became an IM’er…

    I just finished my WordPressMoneySystem and it did help me to focus for awhile…
    Then I got ADHD again! Time for my next “focus” I guess.

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  51. I couldn’t agree with you more Mark. And no matter how much knowledge we have in laying a good foundation for a successful money blogging… it still is never enough. “Luck” in many aspects of human endeavors plays a significant role whether we like it or not… its something money cannot even buy. :) Great article!

  52. When my blog with 1,000 hits a month raked in a whopping $0.03 from Google’s AdSense on the first day… I took it off of my site immediately. A mere $11 a year isn’t worth the ugly ad clutter on my site. I’ve had better luck doing sponsored posts via SocialSpark. I’ve only done 2 posts, but at $15 per post, it’s a MUCH more effective way to make a few quick bucks. For those interested, my referral link is:

    And, I recently did a follow-up post on how to get your blog approved on SocialSpark – you can check that out here:

  53. there are platforms that pay you for blogging ,just join and start blogging
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  54. Hi Mark,

    I just recently receive my first AdSense check after a year of blogging. Although it took me a year to really earn from online, I channeled my efforts as a reward to share and help other people.

    Thanks for this share.
    Louie Sison

  55. I truly enjoyed this site! Blogging does take persistence, but the rewards can certainly be worth it. I have had success and it has brought me great joy. If I’m going to slave away at least I’ll slave for me.

  56. Interesting Page Mark! I have a blog and have thought about monetizing it, but don’t want to make it too commercial at the same time. You mentioned a great tip that I think I will utilize. You mentioned creating extra blogs to use as a way to generate incoming links. I never thought of doing that! Great info, and great blog. I am going to sign up to your newsletter. I like how you come out and give the straight forward info! No spammy “get rich overnight” mumbo jumbo! Thanks and keep up the great work.

  57. This article really spells it out step by step. I’ve been able to implement Google Adsense on my current blog and been quite successful at it, but I think it’s now time to try my hand at affiliates. I’ll have to check out some of the ones that you’ve linked to. Thanks for the article!

  58. I was thinking about becoming rich from blogging. But it sounds like too much work. Can you just send me some of your proceeds instead? Thanks. I take designer checks only, sorry the plain ones are just boring to look at.

  59. This has been a very useful article on blogging, actually i have read a lot of article on this topic, but non is as concise as this one. i have been blogging though for a few years and i think one of the difficulties is driving traffic to a blog, its only when you can get a handful of traffic that you can actually know how much you are making from your blog.

  60. hi, i learn a few interesting thinghs from you ,it’s nice to see somebody taking the time to write usefull tips ,i don’t agree with all the software you are proposing to use as the best in the market today , but yours is anyway a good choice. why you don’t write more about making money with blog ? it seems you know some….. it is a complex business and how to optimize your blog for seo it could be interesting to understand for many peoples. i will come back ……

  61. I agree: to be a successful blogger and stand out you must create identity. It is also vital to establish credibility and prove that you believe in your project. Neither is really possible with a “me too” blogger blog, although by all means create one of these to get started out and develop the feel for posting and arranging your sidebar!

    I use WordPress because I love the simplicity of the plugins and having made one blog I find it easy to duplicate the set-up for future blogs. I choose a simple clean uncluttered design to highlight my content. I link to my other posts using anchor text. I write content I believe in that helps my readers.

    The viyal point is to make a start because only over time, and visiting many other blogs will give you the intuition necessary to really develop a blogging “voice” and determine your unique and persuasive identity. Begin your blogging evolution today!

  62. Perfecting one’s craft is a continuous process. I believe this is something that the money blogger should first look into before thinking about the money rolling in. Blogs that don’t make sense simply doesn’t cut it. The succesful blog must be sensible and easy to read. It should contain useful information that the reader can use and can be applied to real-life situations.

  63. I have come across a number of ways to make the oh mighty dollar on the web. But can’t seem to get it, I mean how to start and will it work, I have the tools but have a hard time starting. Can’t seem to understand how to put it together, I know nothing comes easy and don’t expect just to sit back and make lots of money, but it would be nice just to go puff and there it is, in black or white nothing easy and you do have to work at it but I wish that I didn’t, I’m just so tired of trying or having the tools and just need some one to show me in person. What needs to be done, am I not just getting it or will it never happen, will have to see I might not hear from you which happens a lot of the time when need help with something like this take care and thanks.

    1. Yeah – generally people are not interested in doing work without pay. What can you do in return for me? – and I will consider mentoring you.

  64. Thank you Mark,

    I have recently been giving thought as to how to market some ideas I have… and your information has built the proverbial fire within.

    I see that many comments here leave one to feel it could be difficult to make money by blogging, but I believe I have a talent for writing that will hold a readers attention.

    When I am up and running … (which I will be). I will definitely give due respect to this article.

    Thanks again!


  65. Great article, but I’m starting to think that the only people (sure there are exceptions to the rule) making any real money online are people in the “How to make money online” niche. And yes, that niche is overloaded with everybody and their brother with ways on “how to make money online,” but there are so many more people looking for the right combination of “unlock” the safe. It’s almost like the weight loss industry…People looking to lose weight will try just about anything. If one method doesn’t work, then they will try something else. Same thing in the online make money market. If one guy doesn’t have the right answer, then maybe the next one will.

  66. Thank you for this, it was incredibly informative. I started my blog without any intention of making money but rather to write about what I love and share my passion for food with others. My husband found your article and absolutely loved the content. After what I just read I plan on getting to work and reconsidering the future of my blog. I am certain the information you have provided will help me blend my passion for food writing with possible profitability.

  67. Thanks so much for this guide, it has definitely been a lot of help to me in creating my own blog. I’m not so sure about investing that much money into a blog though. Sure it takes money to make money, but there must be an easier way. $1,000+ seems like a hefty sum for a beginner looking to start a business venture that’s more likely to fail than succeed. This is especially true for those that are just looking to create some supplemental income from themselves without quitting their day jobs or investing money into a website.

    I think that if a blogger promotes the heck out of his site, writes interesting comment, and generates enough traffic from dedicated viewers combined with a good ad/impression system they could at least make an extra few hundred a year to help pay one bill or another.

    In other words, I’m cheap :) and want to find the easiest way to make money with the lowest risk to my own personal income.

    Either way, the advice here was interesting and parts were extremely helpful.

  68. Thanks very much for the info. My husband and I, both photographers, started a travel blog when we moved to Mexico last September just for fun and have just started to look at doing something more with it. Your suggestions were very helpful and I will be researching more based on what you listed.

  69. Hello! I just want to say that this is one of the best posts about making money with a blog! I took some time to read it but it’s worth it! Thanks!!!

  70. Thank you so much for this great blog. I’m a beginner blogger and I’m trying to get started in this without wasting my time. I’ve read a few other blogs on this topic and yours is by far the clearest. Thanks again.

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    1. LThat technique did not survive the recent Panda update and their “example” is no where to be seen in the results. You need to move with the times as far as building links goes.

  72. Wow Mark,

    You sure have a lot of commenter here. That’s pretty impressive to say the least at how many people have comment on your post. Not only that, making money, anyone can do it. You don’t even need to spend anything now to make some money on the Internet. I mean maybe you won’t make enough to quit your job, at least starting out anyway but you got to start someplace.

    If you don’t have any money to spend the best place to start is with GPT programs or writing articles. Those are probably the two best ways to start making money online as a beginner. Then you can take that money you earned and invest it in a niche website and talk about something you enjoy or are passionate about.

    The money is out there, just go get it.

  73. I think that blogging is a great way to earn money online. I love how the process gets fully automated. For example, Google and Click Bank give you the option of direct deposit.
    It takes a lot of work and great effort, but it is 100% worth it. The best part is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money. You can start with only $25 dollars.

    You have a very informative and complete blog. Thanks for the helpful advice.

  74. Nice Article! Flowed a lot nicer then some other the other ones out there. For a lot of beginners it makes sense to invest in a nice solid theme to help if you don’t have to much code experience. I am a few months in now myself and created sort of a webpage/blog. it is a project aimed at helping people cope with anxiety I will sure to follow your tips! thanks for the great advice. Best,


  75. This is one of nicest and most concise articles on the very basics of making money online. I like how it covered just about every topic a newbie needs to know when they are getting started.

    I noticed that you didn’t mention Squidoo lenses here, I have used them with some success and some failure.

    About blogs, they are great to use to get a link indexed very very quickly. What I usually do is write a blog post and link to whatever site I am promoting. I’ll go ahead and tag the post with one or two popular tags, one or two medium popularity tags and one or two low popularity tags. The most popular tag pages on are constantly being crawled and it doesn’t take long for your posts(and the link associated with them) to be crawled. The less popular tags served to keep links to your blog post at the top of tag pages for longer.

  76. So, true. This article rings a lot of bells for me. I resonate with it completely. Everyone thinks you can’t make money blogging, but you can. There are so many nay-sayers out there. Many people just aren’t trying hard enough or working hard enough at it. You have to be consistent. You can’t post one blog post and expect riches. It actually has to be a job, at least for a while. I am conducting an experiment and documenting it in my blog where I discuss how to make money blogging: This is to see if creating a ton of free content rich blogs with ads and affiliate products that are highly marketed can create an income. I know it can, that’s why I’m doing it. But I have to do it to prove it to everyone that it’s possible if you put the work in.

    Thanks again for all the tips. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, and I always gain a lot of knowledge from you. You’re awesome!


  77. I always encourage to think “big” with their blogs and websites. Instead of working your butt off hoping for a few cents per click in Adsense earnings, either promote affiliate products and earn nice commissions from sales or bring out your own products. The same hard work you put into driving traffic to your blog to get those few pennies per click can be work you put toward making yourself REAL money. :)

  78. Just stumbled across this post in my own quest to make money blogging. Although you recommend some great ways to get started, 1000 dollars over the first year seems high to me, especially if you don’t have the capital to do this. As you explained earlier, while there are cheaper ways to do it, it takes much longer, and gives a much slower payback. Great info in this post and it touches base on a lot of things I haven’t thought about yet.

  79. I blog for a living. The most impactful decision I made was to create a list of activites that I go through on a daily basis. Sounds simple but doing this really kept me focused and helped ensure that I was spending time on areas of my business that needed it.

  80. First off i do not know what URL means, that should tell you a lot right there.
    But you gave a great read and some of it went in one ear and out there. But of course i am very new to all this. I have trouble with the touch pad on this thing, so trying to get started is like asking me to re-build your engine. Yeah i would try but i would fail. ;) happy life to you.

  81. Just what I needed to read. My blog is about 3 months old, so I’m new to blogging but not to affiliate marketing. I did some research and ended up with hosting with brainhost and was lucky enough to catch a promo on hosting and design. The site come with WordPress installed a support team and all for under 500.00. After reading your blog, I feel confident I’m heading in the right direction as I’ve already generated some income and subscribers :) I will definitely continue to read your post’s.

  82. I really like the cost breakdown, it should not cost a small fortune like so many gurus suggest. And now with the invent of web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and hubpages etc. Plus Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook and other social media marketing and bookmarking websites it’s even better.

  83. I’ve read a few articles and this is a great source without writing a novel. I am in the process of starting a photoblog, called, with a yearly giveaway to the photo of the year. I want to incorporate a few of the ad generating avenues, but think it’s key to get your traffic up before you start advertising.Thanks.

  84. Sally Struthers once posed the timeless question in a TV commercial, “Do you want to make more money?” Without hesitation, she answered, “Of course, we all do.” How did she know?Actually, this remarkable revelation isn’t so startling when you consider that money not only makes the world go ’round, but also, apparently, talks. If your world has stopped spinning, or if you’re having trouble talking, you’ve come to the right place. There are several different ways to make some quick cash today, but here’s how to make money in the long run.

    Use the law of supply and demand to your advantage. Most of us are familiar with the law of supply and demand–the more there is of something, the cheaper it is; conversely, the rarer the product or service, the more expensive it is. However, other than when we get to a toy store before sunrise to get on line for the latest fad toy that kids can’t get enough of, we don’t really apply the law of supply and demand to our own lives–particularly our careers. For example, if you’re aspiring to do something that many, many other people want to do (so much so that they do it for free, as a hobby) then it will be far more challenging for you to make money doing it. On the other hand, if you do something that most people don’t want to do, or if you get very good at doing something most people don’t do all that well, then you can make a whole lot more money. In other words, choose a career in pharmacy over photography.

  85. Hi Mark, would you say that these recommendations still hold true? Are these still your favorite avenues? I know how quickly things can change…

    1. Basically – yes. Good keyword research, quality content and lots of link building. The way search engines present certain product related searches make them no longer viable though. Do a search for “nintendo ds3″ and see how much real estate is available for organic results to see what I mean.

  86. Hi Mark, You’re still getting comments…and obviously hits on this—guess you hit a good topic! I’m just doing some homework here. I did notice that you seem to have a fair number of comments from foreign readers. I am in Europe thinking about having bilingual aspects. Do you think it is better to keep them separate or have a language button? I know you mentioned having multiple blogs. Is it hard to keep them all current? I think some topics would be easy to update, but trying to come up with new content for several sounds like it could be daunting.

    1. I would separate them if I were you – the meta tags, keywords etc will need redoing. A straight translation is useless – you need to do 2 sets of research in both languages.

      New content is over-rated – build lots of links to old content instead. :)

  87. I am in the process of starting a photoblog, called, with a yearly giveaway to the photo of the year. I want to incorporate a few of the ad generating avenues, but think it’s key to get your traffic up before you start advertising.

  88. Step one, or choosing a niche and buying the proper domain name is most important. As you said, you’ll have to research, and research properly. Fail to successfully complete this step and you may be fighting an upward battle. Find a great domain name and things may fall into place making life that much easier.

  89. Mark et al,

    We have a new way for blogger to make money once they have a following. It has been called “the groupon killer” (although not by me)! It’s completely free and we have a one minute video that explains the company and our “big idea”.

    We hope you will use it, Mark, and we hope that all your followers will benefit too!


    Bradley Davis

  90. Content is king. I imagine Google will soon be measuring back links by judging how long people stay on a site after following a link. The post-Panda future is all about original, relevant content.

  91. This is a great overview of getting started blogging! I started my own personal finance blog 4 years ago and I too have experienced the rewards (both financial and otherwise) that blogging can bring. Additionally, I’ve learned a lot through the process and met a lot of great people! All this because I decided to try something different one day! There is certainly a lot of competition these days when it comes to blogging so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much for overnight success, but if you’re passionate about a particular topic and stick with it, readers will come!

  92. Very informative post,

    As a professional blogger I can tell you that the most important thing is that money are in the niches.So better try to pick 100 long tail keywords instead of one main.You can find a lot of them on Adwords keyword tool.Write only one article per keyword and bookmark it.That way you will see money almost immediately (less than 24 hours).

  93. First, this is a truly remarkable post with on the money information. Anyone who is a talented writer should be successful if they follow the advice.
    With that said going through the steps here takes an enormous amount of time, to do it right, and there will be a lot of mistakes along the way. My advice: don’t plan to break even within the first year.

  94. Nice Article. Lots of info. Market Samurai is a great tool. If you want to make money online there is a learning curve. I think most people would say it takes a year or tow to really start making any significant income.

    Well worth it though. Once you learn the ends and outs of making money on the Internet your life will forever be changed.

    Thanks again for all this great information!

  95. Sir,
    I had created a blog with a visitors of 25 per day. But i don’t know how long it takes to get a google adsense a/c? Iam a begginer in blogging. I don’t know how to monetize my blog? Can i become a successfull blogger. My blog www. easycash2u.
    Please help me mark

  96. Hi Mark,

    This is a great article. However, you wrote it in 2009. Now it’s 2012. I’m sure lots has changed. Do you have updates?



    1. Actually – I edited this article a couple of weeks ago to reflect recent changes. I should add a “last edited” date I guess. Thanks for the input.

  97. In the end, SEO tricks don’t make the difference. Maybe short-term they will give you a little extra traffic but if you want to plan for the long haul, you need great content and a retention plan.

    Remember, if you’re not building a list you’re wasting your time.

    Build a blog in a niche you understand. Write content that you would want to read. Build an e-mail list from your readers. Send them products you would want to buy. Earn money.

    It’s working for everyone that tried.

  98. Hi Mark. I bookmarked this article almost 6 months ago when I began researching how to start and maintain a successful blog. I have been following many of the suggestions and have been very happy with how easy they are to follow! I finally took the plunge and started my blog. Thank you for providing such easy-to-follow guidelines.
    - Kristen

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