How to Light a Barbeque Using a Charcoal Chimney Starter

Lighting a barbecue using a charcoal chimney is not exactly rocket science. Charcoal chimneys are pretty simple; a cylinder with a handle, the cylinder being split into 2 partitions. The lower partition takes the flammable material such as paper to get the charcoal lit, and the other partition holds the charcoal.

As you can see in the video, it doesn’t take much to get the charcoal that and that actually took around 15 minutes to get completely lit. My personal preference is to buy a Weber charcoal chimney, but there are plenty of other makes that you can choose from. There are some links at the bottom of this article to go and buy from Amazon, which is always worth using because of their fantastic money back guarantees.

I always enjoy using Weber products because I have always used Weber barbecues, and never found anything of better quality for the price. So if you’re thinking about buying charcoal chimney, by all means take a look at the other manufacturers, I seriously recommend a Weber charcoal starter.

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