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I create, write and promote blogs and websites for a living. I also create content on demand on a wide variety of subjects.


My most recent success in the field of blogging is the luxury property blog. Within 12 months, I took the blog to a three-month Alexa rank of under 75K, a google Page rank of 4 and ranked highly in the search engines for a number of highly competitive keywords, including “luxury real estate,” which is sitting on the front page of google search results for that term.

Search Engine Optimization

This is my particular specialty. Many people are confused by the conflicting advice available, and the many, many companies offering automated solutions. I do not believe it is – or ever will be – possible to completely automate this process. I work with a number of pieces of software, but without a human touch – these will always be doomed to fail. Contact me with your needs.

Social Networking

I will build and/or manage custom social networking solutions, and integrate them with your online and offline marketing efforts.

Article creation

I will write articles for publication off or on-line. Prices vary on the complexity of research needed depending on the subject. I am well versed in the real estate markets and can write copy to order in various tones and styles.

To hire me – Mark Knowles

4 thoughts on “Blogger For Hire”

  1. Hi Mark, Your site made me laugh, that is a good thing. I’m a 40 something, remote adventure traveler formerly (economy) high-producing Seattle (lots of good beer here) Realtor adapting slowly to new media, but with a need to do it more quickly. My rankings “vintage old historic home(s) seattle buy sell or any combo of these is good”, I have limited social media presence and no blog…HELP!! My story to tell. I specialize in vintage and character Seattle homes, I’ve SOLD 300+ homes, $100 Million in homes, I’ve alone with an amazon tribe and backpacked to some pretty cool places on the planet. My vibe is casual, professional, down to earth, humorous.

    I would like to hire you for blog creation, content, spinning great stories and making me locatable and irresistable! Capische?

  2. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years and the blog at last seems to be growing, and I feel I should start earning a bit from it. I’ve found that its grown in two areas – talking about snow in winter ie for skiers and book reviews. What would you charge for your advice about this?

    Anna Rashbrook

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