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$8 Litre Petrol: Implications for Property Investment in Australia

CSIRO has just released Fuel for Thought, a report from the cross-sector Future Fuels Forum. Their worst case scenario of petrol at A$8/litre by 2020 has made headlines in Australia. Even with petrol not yet at $2/litre there is a noticeable increase in deamnd from both buyers and renters for properties which are either within […]

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Absinthe – The New Tequila ?

Absinthe is making a come back, both in Paris and other European cities. The French ban on absinthe is still actually in force, but new regulations bringing French law in line with EU laws have once again allowed the manufacture and sale of absinthe and specialty bars serving the drink are re-emerging after a near […]

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Menton Citrus Festival French Riviera France

Every year, Menton, a town on the French Riviera, celebrates life, the universe and the existence of fruit. Particularly, citrus fruit, specifically – lemons, with a few thousand oranges and limes thrown in for good measure. Who knew there could be so many lemons left lying around after the harvest that you could build dozens of […]

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Low calorie recipes to lose weight

Chemical food substitutes I am officially disgusted. My wife pointed this abomination of a recipe book out to me and suggested I write about it. Good grief! Lisa Lillien has concocted 200 recipes under 200 calories, and as far as I can tell, not one of them has any food in it. According to the […]

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Green Energy From Kinetic Plates

Green energy is a subject everyone is talking about lately, and as interest grows, the powers-that-be look for more ways to misinform people and squeeze an extra penny out of them. This is a great example in the UK. Supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s have announced they have opened a “people powered,” store in Gloucester, which will […]

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Massage Therapy as an Occupation – How to Get Started and What To Expect

Massage therapy has become a recognized way of earning a living. “Happy ending” type massage therapists aside, there are a growing number of qualified, certified massage therapists and the range of modalities to learn is enormous. Deciding on a career as a massage therapist means first of all taking a good look inside yourself and […]

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The Best Espresso Machines are Italian

I cannot face the day without first having a cup of coffee in the morning, and it needs to be decent coffee made with an espresso machine, not some instant crap sold using a catchy jingle. In fact, my wife refuses to speak to me until I have had at least two cups. I make […]

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Guaranteed weight loss solution

I will share with you the secret of losing weight. No selling, no scams, nothing for sale. My secret comes from long years of arduous research and is the conclusive finding of hundreds and thousands of medical professionals the World over. Guaranteed weight loss without the need for any pills, potions, drugs or silly fad […]

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Voodoo Banking System

I don’t know who first coined the phrase “voodoo banking,” but it certainly seems appropriate in light of the 2007-? financial crisis. If you are having trouble understanding the vast amounts of money being poured into the banking system by the world’s governments – you are not alone, and I suspect this is intentional. The […]

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Refinancing with poor credit – What about the Bank’s credit?

There is a lot of talk about credit scores, poor credit, bad credit blah blah blah. But this is on a personal level and no one is really looking at the creditworthiness of the banks and lending institutions. The banks can arbitrarily decide that you are not creditworthy and that is the end as far […]

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